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The Art of Classical Siberian Shamanism

The Art of Classical Siberian Shamanism is dedicated to the ancient philosophy and practices originating from the Ulchi and other Manchu-Tungus speaking tribes of Eastern Siberia. The Ulchis trace their roots directly back to their Neolithic ancestors who inhabited the same territory dating from the Pleistocene epoch. Please see the lineage of teachers. ​​​​​​​

Topics of study include:

Ways of Nature

This class informs the newcomer to the basic principles of an animistic paradigm. This will provide a solid foundation for the work and interpretation of beliefs, behaviors, and practices in the art of Ulchi Classical Siberian Shamanism.

The World Tree & Three Worlds

Entry into parallel realities is accessed through variable mythic landscapes. The stories and legends of the collective worlds will be discussed and how one will gain entry will be presented.

The Nature of Spirits and Invisible Helpers

Spirits and helpers are the guides, teachers, and protectors when traveling in the other worlds. Learning their nature, protocols of first contact, proper etiquette, and approach will enable the student to establish an enduring partnership.

Dreamwork and Foundations of Spiritual Authority

Dream portals allow us access into the invisible realms. Dreamwork techniques that are designed for entry into these realms will be provided and discussed.

Singing the Journey

Learning the call of your spirit helpers, stepping out into the invisible worlds, walking the road, and safe return to ordinary consciousness will be introduced and discussed

• More Information & Pre-Requisites

You must own a drum (Native American or Siberian style) and have access to the book Spirits from the Edge of the World: Classical Shamanism in Ulchi Society.
These classes are designed for either the beginner or advanced student. Enrollment includes access to our Ethnographic Library. For more information please contact me.
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