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Cultural Foundations and Ontological Models of ​Classical Siberian Shamanism

The classes are structured upon the theories and practice of the Manchu-Tungus groups of Eastern Siberia. These oral histories trace their early beginnings back to the Late Pleistocene/Early Neolithic period of human habitation in the Amur River region and the Prehistoric Maritime cultures of the Okhotsk Sea.

The parentage of instruction is compiled from various family systems of Manchu-Tungus Classical shamanism. These teachings have been revealed by the last successors and their lineal descendants.

All classes are either held in my office or through Skype or other on-line alternatives. All written and audio materials are provided for all class settings whether you are an individual student or part of a group.

Requirements: You own, or have access to, a drum and a copy of the book Spirits from the Edge of the World: Classical Shamanism in Ulchi Society.


Traditional Sun sign Astrology limits a person to a fixed determinate personality. Humanistic Astrology elucidates ones character by depicting astrological configurations as symbols of basic needs, psychological functions, cognitive structures, intra-psychic conflicts, and unconsciousness complexes. By analyzing the chart from a transpersonal psychological framework a person's experience is defined as an evolving and unfolding story rather than an amalgam of their psychopathology. As both a model of personality theory and a diagnostic tool, Humanistic Astrology reveals how the structure and dynamics of the psyche are mirrored in all external situations. You have your chart for your whole life and like a topographical map you have been learning to traverse the terrain in healthier and more satisfying ways. What journey will be written in your explorer's field notes? Share your story. Together we'll explore the life you were meant to lead in a compassionate and non-judgmental partnership.


Jan has been a professional psychological astrologer for almost four decades. She approaches her sessions with sensitivity and humor reminding people that "What is Coming at Them is Really Coming from Them". People are best understood as an unfolding story rather than an accumulation of their problems. As a life- long student of Taoism she combines her Western psychological models with an Eastern sensibility. Character is Fate.

Fee Schedule

Astrology: $150 per hour $200 - 90 minutes. Couples  $250 - 90 minutes

Classical Shamanism: $150 - 90 minutes, Individual/Small Groups

Clients seen by appointment only. I am also available over the phone or Skype for those who cannot travel to my office. Please call or email me for further information or to set up an appointment.

Clinical Hypnotherapy


As a practitioner for over three decades I have studied many models of counseling and hypnotherapy. I have discovered that a variety of "tools" and therapeutic models work in different ways for my clients. I do not believe that one size fits all people. Together we will explore how being your true self will serve you better than all the shape-shifting you are trying to do to become acceptable. Fundamentally all people know what they need but are either reluctant or afraid of the unknown and stop themselves from making decisions that can add to the quality of their lives. Sometimes we just don't want to give up being resentful about old wounds. Together we can explore the ways to gently adjust your thinking and therefore, your "doing".


Deborah has been in private practice at Pathfinder for over three decades.  She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor for Hypnotherapy Institute of Seattle/Spokane. She is a registered Counselor in the State of Washington.

Fee Schedule

$120 for a 1 hour session

$160 for 90 minutes.

Clients seen by appointment only. I am also available over the phone or Skype for those who cannot travel to my office. Please call or email me for further information or to set up an appointment.

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