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Pedagogical Style

The Art of Classical Shamanism is founded on meeting people where they are within the structure of their own personal practice. As an instructor, I have worked for over three decades crafting the teachings for the individual rather than trying to mold them into a 'How To’ model or contrived 'one size fits all’ approach.  This Manchu-Tungus style is found in a dialectic, didactic, and Socratic relationship between teacher and student.

Classical shamanism has its roots in the ancient Manchu-Tungus philosophy of understanding the world as it is rather than what we have been told to believe by our culture, religions, parents, and teachers. Many students arrive in the beginning stages of the practice while more experienced practitioners only wish to study specific animal/trance drumming patterns, singing the journey, dream work, or basic social propriety when engaging with spirits. These missing bits or pieces help to guide and inform their individual ongoing work in the field.

Learning to disengage from abstract thought and symbolic thinking is key to the underlying foundations of the practice; otherwise, you’ll only keep confusing the map with the territory.

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